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Check out the story starters below and I am sure you will agree that we have some very talented story writers who are keen to share their work with a wider audience.

A Stormy Night by Katie

One stormy night Katie, Ally and Jemima were having a slumber party.  It was at Ally's house.

The three girls were terribly excited for the slumber party/sleepover - they'd been talking about it and planning it for weeks - although they'd had to change the original date due to the day they had planned being already taken due to Ally's parent's Wedding Anniversary.

They had gone to a Spanish restaurant.

The girls were planning to have a midnight feast.  That is, if they could stay awake til midnight!  The night before the slumber party Katie had a strange dream.  In the dream Katie, Ally and Jemima were at Ally's house and Katie was gobbling down popcorn and watching movies with Ally and Jemima.  Suddenly in that dream, Ally and Jemima disappeared, and Katie was scared.  Katie woke up feeling petrified. She scrambled into her parents' room and nestled up to them until dawn. She played her tablet to entertain herself until it was time to get ready for school ......

The Boys' Adventure (part 1) by Chloe

One day there was a boy who played Minecraft on his computer every hour of every day.  When he was playing Minecraft, suddenly he got sucked in!  At first he thought his friends were playing a trick on him and then he noticed that when he broke a block it fell on the ground.  When he picked it up he was astounded!  He gulped, "Am I ever going to get out of here?"

First he shuffled along a bit.  Then he said, "I'd better build a house before it gets dark! I'll go gather some wood."   

Later that day, he finished his oak house.  "This looks beautiful." He whispered.  "Time to get materials."  ....

The Black Panther by Eleanor

I didn't mean it. It just happened and I will tell you what happened.

It was July 28, 1914 and we were getting ready for war!  I was walking in one of the trenches, when I found a path.  I was thinking of what I should do until I saw a glow. It freaked me out at first, but then I said, "I'm a soldier and I must be brave" and I walked down the path.

As I was walking I got a chill down my back because I heard my name.  Well I know you would if you were walking down a path at 02:00 in the morning.  I followed my name until I saw the glow again.  I walked over to the glow and then everything went silent.

I was thinking about turning back but when I looked behind me, the path was gone and the only thing there was a mirror that said "touch the mirror" so I walked over to the mirror and touched it,  everything went black ....

The Walking Trees by Jemima

There once was a girl called Jane.  She had a small ginger cat called Ginger.  They lived together in a small, wooden cottage in a clearing of a little forest.  One day they were taking a walk in the forest when they saw something big coming towards them.  "What do you think they are?" said Jane to her cat. "Meow", answered Ginger.  As the things came closer they caught a glimpse of what they were.  They were walking trees!  They were moaning "wood, wood".  At this, they ran back to their house as it was made of wood.  They had to save it!  They jumped on the computer and searched 'walking trees'.

It tuned out the trees came from Scotland and had escaped on a boat.  There was also poisonous fruit on the trees that looked like apples.  There was a cure to send them back to Scotland.  The list said milk, flour, sugar, 1 gem from a crystal cave, 6 purple flowers from a mountain, 8 wild berries from a cliff and 1 starfish from an underwater kingdom.

Jane started to pack here things right away. Once she finished packing and printed out her map she set off.  First on the list was .......

The Egg by Nic

Day One

One day I was playing cricket with my best friend Regan.

I was chasing after the ball after a big hit from Regan and I found a little egg in a hole. "Hey Regan, come here and have a look at this", I said. "What is it?" replied Regan as he ran over to have a look.  "I think it's an egg", I said.  Let's take it inside and wait for it to hatch", I said.  Regan was staying over for a couple of days and this egg looked like it was going to hatch in a little while so we will have entertainment for a while until it falls asleep.

Day Two

I woke to the noise of something cracking. I looked at the heater with a broken egg under it. "Regan! Regan", I yelled.

"Ohhhhh what's wrong? I'm trying to sleep", he moaned.

"The egg", I said.

"What about the egg?" he replied.

"It's hatched", I yelled.

"Where is the creature that came out of it", he said.

"I'm not sure", I said.

"So let's look for it", he said.

"I'm a step ahead of you because I found it already", I said.

"YES! Now I can go back to sleep", he said excitedly and dozed off to bed.

So I took the dragon downstairs and got some milk and a bottle for him.  He drank that fast like a rocket. 

I took him outside to play.

He started to change and grow .....

The Brave Team by Lachlan

Chaper 1 - A whole new world exists inside an ant's hill

Come on, let's play outside at Dead Man's Creek. What is that?  A cross eyed goose. "Zap". We are small Blake. Who did this?  Let's go inside that hill slowly.  Giant ants go outside quickly Blake. Lauchlan, they're not trying to harm us.  I'm glad they're not Blake. They seem like they're running away. A giant cat and a dinosaur Lauchlan. And aliens Blake. Go inside the hill Lauchlan.  Wow, we are inside an ant hill Blake. We don't have to go to school anymore Blake. Why? Because we are small Blake. It's raining Blake. They're coming back Blake.  Lauchlan, they have Roman numerals I, II, III, V, X,  L,  M, C, D. Lauchlan it's 1, 2, 3, 5 ,10, 50, 100, 500, 1000. Blake we are not the first ones.  Look it's Tay and Stephanie. Look it's Evan in his football clothes. It's a rabbitohs shirt.  No need to get angry Evan. Did the Rabbitohs win?  Yes they did.  Tay, guys, what about fighting the giant cat, dinosaur, aliens and now a dog .......

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